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Pet Grooming and Dog Spa in Torrance, California

Dog Grooming, Shampoo, and Haircutting Services in Torrance, California

Pet Grooming Services

Thank you for choosing Pup E Tails for your pet grooming needs in California.

When you need the best and most caring grooming services for your pets, we are here to help. We treat your pet as our very own, therefore all our groomers are very gentle and see to it that your pets’ are very comfortable while receiving their grooming sessions.

Highly Trained and Caring Groomers

All our pet groomers are highly trained and give great care to making sure that your dog gets a stress-free experience during their grooming session. They also use only the best tools in accomplishing your pet’s grooming needs. You can also instruct them regarding your pet dog or cat’s health or medical conditions so that they can adjust their grooming process accordingly.

Nice and Clean Grooming Shop for Your Pets

Here at Pup E Tails, we want our clients—that means you and your pet—to be comfortable and relaxed while in our shop. That’s why we keep our shop very clean and organized so that both pet owner and pet can feel at ease throughout the grooming session. Keeping our grooming location clean also helps our services flow more efficiently with the highest quality.

With our staff and groomers’ efforts and quality service, we assure our clients that all grooming services is done properly using only the safest and most trusted quality grooming products available in the market. Here at Pup E Tails, we also follow strict methods and steps in grooming to make sure our services are finished right on schedule.

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Our most popular pet grooming services include:

Baths start at: $20 and up**
Haircut: $35 and up**

We also offer other important grooming services such as nail cutting, ear cleaning, and dog spa specialties. Please CALL US TODAY to know more about these special services.

All our prices quoted above are for healthy dogs and pets with no fur/coating or skin problems. We can also offer special grooming services depending on your pet’s medical needs.

CALL US TODAY for all your pet grooming needs in Torrance, California.

Email: pupetails5@att.net Phone: (310)329-9344 Address: 2050 artesiablvd #104 Torrance California 90504

We look forward to seeing you and your pet at our grooming shop!

Important Grooming Tips for Dogs

You don’t have to wait until your dog gets to the grooming shop before you actually do something to help it keep a clean and healthy coat. Depending on your dog’s breed, you might need to spend more time on grooming than just your usual schedule at the pet grooming shop. Remember that your dog’s coat will tell a lot about his health, so better make sure you also do your part in maintenance in between his sessions at the grooming shop.

One way to keep your canine pal looking good in between his or her sessions at the groomer’s is to make sure you clean up dirt or mud that gets stuck between their feet if they go out for a walk or play in the garden. You should also use a proper dog hair brush and regularly comb your dog’s coat to keep tangles away.

Finally, make sure you bring your pet on the schedule of his grooming to avoid developing bad odor and other possible health issues.